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Hello, this is an updated video from my last video that shows you how to get ovaries for free um. Now I was told by a few of the awesome people that left comments on my last video they told me that it’s not working anymore and that you have to delete your payment information. so I’m going to show you how to do that even though you can look at the comments. I’m just gonna I thought it’d be better to show you guys a video um. so if this one gets patched because I just tried it if this one gets patched and please let me know again and I will find another way around it even though I didn’t find this one that was by a person who left a comment saying it didn’t work anymore. so what you want to do is sign into overeats now basically what happened was you have to delete the payment information of your original account.

let’s just assume that you have an original account and you want free overeats right or you know a few dollars off. because I believe if you use code then you get $10 off and I’ll put the code in the description. so um it’s not free but you know so you have to delete your payment information off of your main account and then work on you know making a new account and I’ll show you how to do that yet again. so let’s um let’s go to the app because that’s the only way that you can delete payment information for some reason,

you cannot do it off the desktop you have to do without an app. so I will show you how to do that on the app and let’s go to the phone okay we are on our phone now and we want to delete our payment information. so we go over here to payment and I have just recently discovered that you have to have at least one payment information on your account. Get Free Delivery Uber Eats 2019 so if you have another card put that card on there just delete your one that you’re going to use for your other account if that makes any sense so let’s say you have two cards and your main one you want to use for your other account to get the free food then you have to delete it then you have to delete it off of this account but you have to have one credit card at least one credit card on the app on your account. so a good way to get around this is to have two credit cards and to just use one as a way to just have one on your account.


so it doesn’t scene also lets you delete your original credit card so I can show you here this is my secondary credit card right here. I already deleted my other one and as you can see if we click to delete it makes you have one so ok so just add a second one on there and delete your one that you’re going to use for your other account once you deleted it. we can go back to the desktop and I can show you how to do that ok we are back on our desktop here and what we’re gonna do is sign out once we sign out we click register then we just do the same thing we did that I showed in my other video by I’m gonna do it all over again. here so what you want to do is click click make a new account or register and then it will show you for your email and password. now just create an email and password and I’ll be right back once I type that in and click Next ok and now our profile. so I’m just gonna do Chris and then L furring the same name that I did before for some reason. let me just so I don’t know whatever right okay so now this is the trick that I found out all the other steps that this is really Israeli just making an account. it’s not too difficult but this is the trick to get around a mobile number so in order to get a mobile number.

if you haven’t seen my last one is to download an app on your phone and I will show you that in a minute download this app and it’s basically a [Music] phone number generator ish kind of a thing and it creates a phone number for you and you could just type that in and get your code you’re verifying code. so I will show you how to do that right now okay we are back on our phone now and I am going to show you how to make a mobile number. so let’s just type in text free and that’s the app I believe they have it in in the app store but this is the Play Store. so just type in text free and you’ll get this app install it and once you install it you’ll be in this page and you just create an account I can show you but I think I ran out of emails to do it because I’ve done it many times so what you do is you just register the account. and it will ask you for your email and your name and all that and then it will say like pick a phone number you want and then you pick the phone number and then you’ll be on this page so this is my number nine one four seven zero nine seven nine eight seven and what this number is is just the text free number. so it’s um it’s just a number that they give you and once you have this number then you could type that in on your profile information so this is your number now obviously don’t type in my number that shows here. because it won’t work but this is my number and I will type it in on my computer. I’ll be right back okay so now we’re back here now I’m going to show you how to register your account now you just basically take your mobile number that I just showed you the one that tax free gives you and you just type it in 911 four seven zero nine seven seven nine eight seven and then you click Next okay.


now will ask you for your credit card and everything and now this now you just type in the credit card that you just deleted off your other account. so once I do that I’m going to next and then I will get back to you okay once you finish the registering of the account you’ll get to this page and now this is your new goober eats account what you want to do is go to account and then go to pay and then go to promotions and now I already added my payment here through my phone. you could choose or no-no that the one that they just sent it the one that you registered to your account that’s how I answered my new payment now it shows up here I don’t know why the other one brought it with me. but whatever so anyways you want to add this promo code I don’t actually have it with you this is just from my other one okay use this code promo code paste it and apply and you will have ten dollars all right. so that’s basically it so what do we do new this time so we deleted our payment from our last one and our original account and we brought it right here and now we will be able to use our payment for food. so why it didn’t work last time is because we had our payment on another uber account and it noticed that it was part of this uber account and I guess the code doesn’t work it if you know if there are two of the same cards on each profile. so let’s just go over everything that we did we deleted our payment information from our original account then we created a new account with the phone number a little trick I showed you and then we what else do we do and then we registered that account with a credit card that you know our main credit card. and now we’re here and then we add the promotion will work and you can buy food so when you click apply it will give you money I already did it so yep when you click apply. it will give you money and everything will work nice and smoothly you’ll get ten bucks off and I’ll put the code in the description again please use that and to get the ten bucks and that’s how you do it new and improved updated and I will see you later.

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